Getting Started

The hardest thing to do is to step out of the safety of the boat. We become so comfortable in the boat that we forget that the water is not even that deep.

For many years I told myself that I would never start a private practice not because I was unable but out of fear. Fear of failure kept me from trying. What I have chosen is that fear will no longer rule my decisions. Through prayer and consultation with other professionals I am ready to step out of the boat and start fresh in my own space.

Others have helped me row this boat for many years and I am sure that others will continue to support me as I venture out into the deep. I have no fear of drowning because I can swim! Even if I get tired I am confident that my faith will sustain me.

So, thank you to all of the supporters of A Fresh Start Counseling LLC!

-Dorothy McDermott, LPC

Year 1

In the spirit of transparency I will share this with you.logo design fresh-03 (1)

This year has been full of really high highs and super lows. I jumped out of the boat and landed in rough water. I left my job to start a business and at times felt as if I was sinking. Thankfully, I didn’t stop kicking so I didn’t drown. There were months when I felt as if I was simply treading water. However, as I look back I now know that the process was necessary. It definitely increased my faith in God and also myself.
Many people were sent by God to assist me in ways that they may not even know helped. I am forever grateful. My family survived one of the most challenging years yet and is stronger. I saw how faithful God is when He answered a specific prayer on the last day of a 21day fast. I will forever praise and glorify God for His mighty acts! I know some will say that I did the work so I should be proud. Yes , I did the work and yes I am proud of myself for not giving up but God provided me with the strength to endure. On days when I felt like quitting and throwing in the towel I sought the Lord and He heard me. He encouraged me with His word and then I got up off the floor and continued to fight the good fight. So, 2018 took me through it…I pray that 2019 is kinder. However, if it’s not then I am not afraid because I have faith that God will be right there with me.